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New IP Address April 26th, 2018
To help with some recent stability issues we have migrated servers to new hardware in new locations. As such we had to change ip addresses too. If you are having problems connecting to the irc server, please reconnect to the dns should be fully propagated within the next 30 min. As always, thank you for using ETG.
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Hurricane Sandy & Channel Services Outage November 8th, 2012
An Important Message To All ETG Users Regarding The Ongoing Outage Since Hurricane Sandy From David Sherman (WHiZ):

I wanted to take a moment to issue a personal apology to all of our thousands of loyal users and friends for the recent outage. I`m Sorry, and I take full responsibility for it, and will continue to work to restore all of our services ASAP.

During Hurricane Sandy, our most critical server that operates and provides support to all of ETG`s various Channel Services literally got *FRIED*.

All of our databases/software and all of your channels are safe, and securely backed up and we have lost no data what-so-ever because of good planning and infrastructure.

Normally in the case of a hardware failure, I`ve always run out to the store, bought the parts, and replaced them and had things back up in a matter of hours. In cases of outages of fiber cuts or power cuts, I`ve likewise gone out of my way even going out with tornadoes in the area, tornado warnings, severe storms, ice storms etc to get to our datacenter and get power patched over to other sources or whatever else back up asap.

We`ve had a disaster recovery plan and system in place for many many years, that would bring our services back up in a backup mode in case of any catastrophic outage until we got the main systems repaired. But as much as I`ve searched I`ve been unable to locate it. As bad as that sounds, it`s the truth, and I`m sorry for that. I`ve searched a number of times including this morning hoping to find it so i could restore service quickly/easily. Sadly all to no avail, clearly I made a mistake and have misplaced it somehow. When you build something or put something in place and then never have a need to use it for years on end, i guess it can be your undoing.

Also, I generally don`t talk about myself to the public. But my health hasn`t been well the past couple years, and is in fairly bad shape right now. The reality of the matter is it has left me unable to provide the same level of effort and concentration on this outage as normal. I have been working on it pretty much non-stop daily, but the progress has been slow going for a variety of reasons. The largest of those reasons, I fear has been because of the state of my health.

We`ve been consecutively down more now, than I can ever remember. For that, I am beyond sorry. I`m also sorry for letting you all down with us not meeting our expected level of high up-time. It actually breaks my heart to know that we`ve failed you in that pledge right now. But please be assured it *IS* being worked on to the best of my ability right now.

One of the other reasons things have been slow going, was a good suggestion by one staff member to make our services more virtual/cloud based to help with such situations in the future. Sadly that has been a little easier said than done. I`ve made some good progress, but it`s been very slow going.

My 3 options the past week have been 1) remake the disaster system (probably would take about a day), build a new system and get things up (probably take about a day), or finish moving things to a virtual cloud based solution(How long could that take???).

To this point in time, besides a lot of searching for the backup system Ive been working mainly on the hardware\low level aspects of option #3, and I suppose rather naively assumed it wouldn`t take as long as it has. At first the setup showed great promise and it looked like a perfect solution. Through-out the process I kept thinking I was getting close and it would work, and each time the hardware\low level items have proven to have this or that issue and have not be co-operative despite everything seeming good. Then i had to research or figure out work-arounds. At any point I could have switched to a different option, but I naively kept thinking it would only take a little longer, aka. "I just have to fix this one issue and it will be ready." etc. Sadly, after each issue got solved, i only found another one that also existed.

I`m sure we`ve all been in those situations. But I clearly errored in my judgement, and I want to apologize for that. I should have cut our losses and just put the effort into getting one of the other solutions up and operational for while i kept working on the final solution.

So, alas, we come to the important question of "What now?" Well, if you could please give me a little more time to finish what i`m currently working on to see if it works or if there are still other issues, I`d appreciate it. If I`m unable to coax it into working by this evening, I promise I will stop working on that and instead start working on a different solution rather than perpetuating the outage any longer.

Again, I`m sorry for this. The outage, while caused by the hurricane, has gone on longer than it should have due to my health issues and my errors in judgement and nobody elses. I`ve been working every day to the best of my ability to restore the service and it has been very frustrating for me and my fellow admins too, not just to you.

I`d like to thank you for your understanding and continued patronage. All of the staff here is truly appreciative of your patience with the matter. We pledge to have service back up sometime tomorrow at the latest.

David Sherman (WHiZ)
Founder of Enter The Game
5419 characters
ETG Celebrates 13 Years! March 1st, 2012
Happy Birthday to EnterTheGame, which just turned 13 years old this year! We would like to thank all of those current and former Admins and Helpers who have helped make ETG all it is.

We`d also like to thank all of our users who continue to use ETG as their virtual home on the Internet. We know you have a lot of different choices for online chat networks, and we are very happy to have loyal users such as you.

Here is to another 13 exceptional years under our belt!
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DNS Outage October 31st, 2011
We had an issue the past couple days where two of our DNS monitoring and look-up fail-over systems were battling over look-up records. Sadly this evolved into something where it made the DNS inaccessible at times for people to connect to ETG`s IRC Servers via the look-up name and they could only connect via direct IP Addresses instead. The problem has since been corrected as of this morning. We are very sorry for the issues this has caused our users, and we thank you for your understanding.
495 characters
Maint on PA Server September 21st, 2011
Our Pennsylvania server will be going down tonight for a few hours as part of some network maintenance. If you are currently connected to PA.EnterTheGame.Com please reconnect to IRC.EnterTheGame.Com at this time to avoid any interruptions.
250 characters
IRC is getting an UPGRADE! March 14th, 2010
For over 25+ years, IRC has been what we know it to be today. A great medium to chat with friends, support online communities, and do business. But when you look back upon those decades, you see other text mediums have innovated and evolved, whereas IRC has remained the same.

EnterTheGame has been one of the IRC Networks to help bring IRC to you over 11+ of those 25 years. We have added many new features over that time, but we have always been limited in what we could offer. In the end, IRC was still IRC.

We have been on the forefront of seeing other text technologies over these decades expand, and advance. We`ve seen many people leave IRC for newer technologies, and we`ve seen many new people not giving IRC a chance because it`s not as *cool* or *new* as other tech. Really, it`s left many of us IRCers wondering if IRC was to be relegated to the history books and was just going to keep shedding users to things like MSN, YIM, X-Fire, etc.

Well we are pleased to help announce that all of that is about to change. The future of IRC is going to be bright and full of possibilities once more with the introduction of ETGiRC! It`s not just another chat client, some small upgrade/change, or some feature added to IRC. It is a complete shift in IRC, in what we see, in how we use it, in what it offers us, and in how we interact and experience it.

ETGiRC is NOT another IRC Client!

Among it`s many features, the most awaited one is the introduction of Customized Chat Rooms. In much the same way Companies, Organizations, and Clans have customized web pages, they will now be able to customize the look and feel of their chat rooms now too! No longer will every chat channel look the same! This will provide the users of each chat room/channel with a customized and unique experience.

Here is our new support channel!

Add to this, built-in games with an open development platform, and the ability to find and play external FPS games with the built-in Game Query System, you have something that is unlike any other chat software.

Be sure to check it out! A public beta starts soon, where a limited number of beta-keys will be released!
2501 characters
MD Server Maint November 6th, 2009
Our MD Server will be going down between Sat and Monday to be relocated to a different rack in it`s data center. We have had it out of the DNS loop now for over a week and there are only about a hundred people left on it. If you are one of them, please just reconnect to

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New Feature for Approved Eggdrops October 7th, 2009
Starting today we have implemented a new feature for all of the approved Eggdrop bots on the network. All Eggdrops will automatically be logged into a vhost named upon connection. We feel this will add a layer of security to them by making it so people can`t see their real IP Addresses.

Normally you can only get a vhost by being a member of an established organization or clan, which left eggdrops that were a service to certain channels in a void and unprotected. We feel this addresses that issue for our eggdrop users.

The best part of this is, you don`t need to edit your channels auto-op or auto-v lists for your bots to still have the access they had before. Because they were added to your channels lists via their real ip all access they had before they will still have now.

Also, if you`d prefer to have your bot on a different host, you are still able to log them into your clan`s/org`s vhosts as always.
966 characters
Eggdrop Issues June 13th, 2009
Due to some extra security measures we added a week or two ago to help protect the users and network from spambots that were joining, eggdrops (being they are also bots with a simular configuration to the spambots) have been getting detected and banned as well.

We just finished a work-around for this. We have modified our system to where we can add approved/good bots to the security system so it will recognize them and they won`t be glined. To apply for your bot to be added to the good bot list please see WHiZ or GeoM in #ETG.

555 characters
ETG Celebrates 10 Years!!! February 5th, 2009
Happy Birthday ETG! Today marks the 10th birthday of EnterTheGame! ETG was something that started as just a fresh idea in IRC, with it`s operators focused on serving their users rather than the users being forced to serve their operators. That thought lead to us becoming the #1 gaming network in the western hemisphere shortly after we launched, and through the years it has kept us as one of the best places on IRC to be.

Unlike most previous years we won`t be having a huge bash and everything today. But fear not, instead we are going to be throwing a big bash later this year to both celebrate ETG`s Birthday and to announce something very major we`ve been working on!

We would like to thank all of our loyal users for all of the great memories, conversations, and support over the years! We would also like to thank the folks at IRCNews for being the first people to wish us a happy birthday this year.

Thanks Everyone,
The ETG Staff
1016 characters
Reserved Nicknames October 8th, 2008
We are going to be reserving all *Serv & *Services nicknames to prevent confusion with users and what bots/services are ones run by ETG and other people. There are only around 6 bots on the network that are using names like that, so now makes for a good time for us to implement this change. We hope this will prevent confusion and improve security to where nobody would accidentally msg any non-ETG run bot passwords or such. Thank you for your understanding, any questions can be asked in #ETG.
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New Security System Enabled October 7th, 2008
As of last night we have re-implmented banning on all insecure connections we find. The past year we have generally only been banning abused connections, spambots, and trojaned machines etc. It has left us pretty secure but it has left us with greater abuse by ban evaders and left us being on the defense against them. We will start going back on the offense at preventing these insecure systems from being used on our network, and you will see a gradual increase over the next year of more and more of our security systems coming back on-line to keep those systems off. These will help keep people from evading bans, as well as will cut down even more on spamming and other problems.

I`d like to personally thank GeoM for helping out with the creation and testing of this new system.
796 characters
Happy 9th Birthday ETG! February 5th, 2008
Today is EnterTheGame`s 9th Birthday! That is right, tonight we opened our doors 9 years ago. Back then we quickly became the leading gaming chat network of the Western Hemisphere with masses leaving GamesNET(now GameSurge) due to how they treated the users and the better service we provided.

Over the years alot of bad things have been done to ETG by alot of bad/evil people (including by people who run other networks), that has frankly cost us alot of users, and displaced us from staying the #1 network in user size. But due to our staff`s good character, continuing to support the community, and continuing to offer excellent service, we still find ourselves #1 in many of your hearts. We appreciate that more then you know.

Thank you to all of our users! And congrats ETG on another birthday!
817 characters
Major Network Maint TODAY! September 30th, 2007
We will be taking down ChanServ, splitting and updating some servers and doign various other maint this morning between the hours of 9-11:59am. To prevent as much downtime as possible please connect to or Either one of those servers will at least keep you connected to IRC during the maint.

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UT3 Developer Chat TODAY!!! September 25th, 2007
Attention All FPS Players!!

One of the most awaited games is ALMOST here!! Today, September 25th, at 8pm EDT there will be a Developer Chat with the makers of Unreal Tournament 3. One of the most popular game series of all time, UT3 is building upon the great success of this franchise, bringing all of our favorite game modes back plus some new ones!

The chat will take place on EnterTheGame in #BeyondUnreal. There will be EPIC employees on-hand to answer your questions.

Some screenshots:

To view more screenshots or read more about this title, please visit BeyondUnreal by Clicking Here.

UT3 Official Website:

To join the chat, if you have an irc client join connect to and type "/join #BeyondUnreal". If you do not have an irc client, you can click HERE to join the chat.
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