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2011  October 31st   DNS Outage
2011  September 21st   Maint on PA Server
2009  November 6th   MD Server Maint
2009  October 7th   New Feature for Approved Eggdrops
2009  June 13th   Eggdrop Issues
2008  October 8th   Reserved Nicknames
2008  October 7th   New Security System Enabled
2007  September 30th   Major Network Maint TODAY!
2007  June 16th   Explaination of Recent Downtime
2007  March 24th   ChanServ Is ONLINE
2007  March 24th   ChanServ Update
2007  March 21st   ETG ChanServ Downtime
2007  March 21st   ChanServ Downtime
2006  July 4th   Changes 2 Services & Policies
2006  June 20th   Planned Maint
2006  May 1st   Planned Services Maint
2006  March 19th   Upcoming Maint
2006  March 15th   Congrats to Zcylic & Tento
2006  March 5th   Rules & VHost Changes
2006  February 22nd   Recent Downtime
2006  February 2nd   New ETG Staff/Helpers
2006  January 28th   Rules Updated
2005  December 24th   Seasons Greetings!
2005  October 31st   Happy Halloween & Contest
2005  October 12th   France Server Downtime
2005  September 28th   Server Maint...
2005  August 30th   Blank PM Botnet Glines
2005  May 24th   GMail Blocked, use other EMail Server
2005  May 9th   Everything Is Back Up!
2005  May 8th   ChanServ Downtime
2005  May 3rd   Planned Outage
2005  April 2nd   Pope John Paul.. We Send Our Prayers With You..
2005  April 1st   Planned Outage
2005  March 29th   Planned Outage/Maint
2005  March 20th   TARD League Opens Today!!
2005  February 1st   Server Maint Tonight
2004  December 27th   Planned Outage Tonight
2004  December 17th   ChanServ DownTime
2004  December 12th   #botsRus - Free Channel Bot Service
2004  October 27th   New channel! #WorldSeries
2004  August 4th   NY Server Maint
2004  May 26th   New URL Scanning For Your Security/Safety
2004  April 28th   Planned Downtime
2004  April 19th   New Version Of ChanServ!
2004  February 27th   BellSouth Bans Removed
2004  February 17th   BellSouth Abuse/Bans
2003  December 25th   Merry X-mas & Happy New Year!
2003  November 17th   Downtime Today/Tomorrow
2003  October 28th   #WoW The Latest ETG Official Channel Opens!
2003  August 12th   RPC Windows Exploit
2003  August 4th   Power Outage
2003  June 30th   “NVIDIA $1,000,000 MAKE SOMETHING UNREAL”
2003  May 16th   The Mod You Want For SOF II: Available Now!
2003  January 17th   news
2003  January 15th   news
2003  January 11th   news
2002  December 28th   news
2002  December 28th   Rules of Conduct and Policies
2002  December 25th   Happy Holidays!
2002  December 23rd   news
2002  December 6th   news
2002  July 8th Q3 Plaything Tourney
2002  March 15th   Charter Communications ISP Subscribers
2001  August 20th   ETG Hit 10K!!!!!!!!
2001  July 14th   Network Problems / Your Support
2001  July 11th   A Great Loss For The World
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New Feature for Approved Egg...
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