By using the services provided by EnterTheGame, you are bound by the following conduct policy and rules. Failure to abide by these may result in removal from the network, notification of your ISP, and/or notification of law enforcement entities.

Enter The Game is based on is common sense rules. By this we mean, if you are doing something that is illegal or hurts another person or group of people, then you shouldn't be doing it. You are a guest on ETG, and as a guest, we expect you to act as one and respect others on the network. We realize everyone may not like each other, and we aren't asking or telling you to like everyone, we are saying you must show common decency/respect for one another and not hurt each other.

Also please note all of these rules, procedures, and policies are open for interpretation by the administrative staff for applicability. Also note they may change without notice, so be sure to check back periodically. Likewise decisions can be appealed to WHiZ by e-mailing him at .


EnterTheGame and its Owners/Partners/Affiliates/Administrators are not responsible for any of the content or actions of any user(s) of this service. We accept no liability for any hurt, injury, loss, or damage which you may incur whilst using, attempting to use, or your inability to use this service. We reserve the right to deny access to this server to anyone, for any reason, without warning. Pursuant to United States Code (U.S.C.), Title 18, Part 1, Section 2701 Part (c), ETG may scan your system to ensure it does not provide a security risk for our network or its users. More information about this scan can be obtained on our website. Accessing this system once specifically denied access via a different host or ISP is illegal; violators may have their ISPs or law enforcement notified. You also understand that any illegal or wrongful activities, proven or otherwise, committed by you may subject you to monitoring and disciplinary action by either ETG, your ISP, and/or law enforcement. Our servers are unmoderated environments and you connect here at your own risk.

Attacks/Virii (Viruses) that deny service, hurt, impair, or otherwise cause damage to this network, or the users of it are illegal via the Title 18, U.S.C. Part 1, Chapter 47, Section 1030. They are also illegal via the Canadian Criminal Code s. 342.2. For information on laws concerning DoS attacks, and other computer crimes, in other countries, please contact local law enforcement. ETG will cooperate fully with any ISP, proven law enforcement entity, or court order to aid in the apprehension of persons who violate the applicable laws.

Part 1 - Rules / Guidelines

Section 1. Have a good time

We want all of our users to have an enjoyable time on ETG. So by all means, please do so. So long as you are not hurting anyone else or the network itself we encourage it.

Section 2. No Attacking Other Users/Channels

This includes but is not limited to:

  • ‌No Channel Takeovers (de-oping rightful operators from a channel and/or kick-banning them.)
  • No Spamming Users or Channels (This could include many lines of an advertisement of a URL or channel, or could be just a lot of lines of gibberish. Spam is defined as a large quantity of text that is seen to disrupt the normal chat and annoy those who have to read it.)
  • No Harassing Others (this is defined as a systematic succession of repeated annoyances, threats, demands, slurs/insults, or hate talk.)
  • No Join Floods (this is defined as mass amounts of joins and/or parts.)
  • No Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks on the Network or its' Users (a DoS Attack is defined as any attack that denies service (Internet Access) or degrades service to a computer or group of computers. These attacks are not only against our rules but are also highly illegal.
  • Attacks/Virii (Viruses) that deny service, hurt, impair, or otherwise cause damage to this network, or the users of it are illegal via the Title 18, U.S.C. Part 1, Chapter 47, Section 1030. They are also illegal via the Canadian Criminal Code s. 342.2. For information on laws concerning DoS attacks, and other computer crimes, in other countries, please contact local law enforcement

    Not only do they affect the target, they also affect every machine on the path to the target making for many victims and massive damages that cross many state and, in some cases, country boundaries. Thereby making those people who do these attacks chargeable, not only by federal agencies, but by state and sometimes other countries as well. This also applies to Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS Attacks.))
  • No Retribution (Two wrongs, don't make a right. If someone hurts or attacks you, don't do the same back to them or you both will be in violation of our rules. Report the offense to an ETG Admin and we will work to resolve the situation.)
  • No Doing Anything To Exploit or Hurt Another Users Machine (this would include sending any type of text or packet that will intentionally cause some type of harm or disconnection to another users machine.)

Section 3. No Distribution of Copyrighted Material

There is to be no distribution of licensed copyrighted material on ETG this includes but is not limited to:

  • No Warez (distribution of copyrighted software)
  • No MP3s (distribution of copyrighted music)
  • No VCDs or other Video (distribution of copyrighted movies/shows)
  • No ISOs (distribution of CD mirrors of copyrighted work)

People who break these rules will either get warned and told to stop and then a follow up to make sure they did, or they will be banned depending on the situation and severity.

Please refer to Part 2 - Section 8 of this document for information about Unlicensed Fan-Subtitled Anime and how it falls within these rules.

Section 4. No Impersonation

Impersonating another individual on the Internet is not only against our rules but it is also against the law. It constitutes and falls under Identity Theft and/or Fraud. Furthermore there are other laws specifically regarding impersonation on the Internet that also apply to it.

Impersonation requires one to pretend to be someone they are not. Either pretending to be an individual or pretending to be someone from an organization they are not with.

Impersonation on ETG is determined at the various Administrators discretion. Items that can help lead said Administrator to that conclusion include:

  • Specific Name/Nickname Copying
  • Talking and or presenting oneself off as being said individual
  • Spoofing ones Internet address to appear as another
  • Using bounces off shells/compromised machines to appear as another
  • Changing ones Ident to appear as another

Section 5. No Nickname Camping

This is defined as loading a client or bot onto ETG using a specific nickname to purposely prevent another from using it. Decisions as to what does/does not classify as this is at the discretion of the various Administrator. Most of these cases are somewhat simple for an Admin to see and find proof one way or another.

Section 6. No Bypassing Bans

When a person is specifically revoked access to a channel or to ETG, if they intentionally bypass that ban to get back on it is a violation of not only our rules but also the law. When a person is specifically denied access and they attempt to access again it is accessing said machine/server in excess of their permissions/authority. This falls under the same laws of Hacking when a person intrudes/trespasses on a machine they do not belong on.

To better clarify what falls under "bypassing a ban"; it is any attempt to gain access to a system or resource to which you have been denied access. If you are unsure if you still have a ban on, e-mail to check.

Bypassing a ban by any of the following methods or other methods not listed is not allowed.

  • Changing your nick to circumvent a ban
  • Changing your hostmask or ident to circumvent a ban
  • Reconnecting to your ISP to get a different host to circumvent a ban
  • Releasing a DHCP Lease to get a different host to circumvent a ban
  • Utilizing a BNC or Shell to circumvent a ban
  • Utilizing a compromised host/machine to circumvent a ban

Furthermore, to provide any way for another to bypass a ban is also against our rules. See Part 2 - Section 13 for more information.

Section 7. No Attempting to infect another user with a Virus or Trojan

‌ This is self-explanatory.‌

Section 8. No Advertising

No mass advertising is allowed on ETG unless approved by ETG Staff. Mass advertising includes any form of advertising to a large number of people. This can include other Chat Networks, Websites, and the likes. Determining what does/does not classify as this is at the discretion of the Administrators of the network.

Section 9. Abide by Channel Rules

Individual channels have their own sets of rules, which you must always abide by while within them. They may include specific advertising or repeating rules or any other form of rules. Please be considerate to those channel operators and respect their rules. Repeated violations of multiple channels' rules and or channel bans can be a violation of ETG rules.

Section 10: No Lying to ETG Admins

Filing any type of false report of abuse to an admin or making any false accusations about people breaking rules/policies to try to get someone else in trouble is prohibited and will be grounds for you to be removed from the network.

Likewise if an ETG admin talks to/confronts you about something, please tell the truth. We do not appreciate people who try to waste our time. We will work our way through finding out which party is telling the truth and which isn't if need be but things will go a lot smoother if both just be honest about it. If you are upfront about something you did wrong and promise it won't happen again you are much more likely to get off with a warning as opposed to being removed from the network or other further actions.

Section 11: No Attacking or Facilitating Attacks on ETG's Services

Doing anything to attempt to hurt the Network/ChanServ/Services is strictly prohibited. Regardless of how little or much damage is inflicted the attempt by itself is enough to classify as an attack. This includes everything in Part 1 - Section 2 as well as the following.

  • Mass modes in an attempt to hurt the network.
  • Mass joins/parts in an attempt to hurt the network.
  • Mass logons/logoffs in an attempt to hurt the network.
  • Mass messages in an attempt to hurt the network.
  • Any attempt to reverse engineer, or play with the networks systems.
  • Any attempt to reverse engineer, bypass, mitigate, or play with the networks security systems or the methods they utilize.

    (These systems are here for the network’s protection, any attempt at hurting them by playing with or otherwise causing them excess load or other issues is considered a very serious offense.)
  • Anything else in a clear attempt to hurt the network.

==We do not distinguish between those who press the actual buttons to attack, and those who support them. If you support, sponsor, encourage, or request it you are just as guilty, and will be dealt with in the same manner, as the others.==

If there is an attack in your channel you are responsible to take immediate measures to stop it the best way you can. This normally means setting +im modes on your channel temporarily and then immediately contacting an ETG Admin to report the attack. Regardless of whether you are in the position to stop it or not you are responsible to report it to the ETG Staff so that we are aware of it and can help if need be. If an ETG Admin arrives to help thwart the attack to do anything to hamper or prevent him from doing so is considered your direct aid in facilitating the attack (see Part 2 - Section 9 for more information.)

Part 2 - Policies

Section 1. User Interactions and Behavior

While on ETG, users are expected to treat others with a good level of common decency and respect.

General Harassment - If you are being harassed by anyone while on ETG, please use /ignore nickname to stop it. In most cases, that will solve the problem. If for some reason they still continue to try and harass you, or bypass your ignore please come into #etg and let an administrator know about it. You will need to provide some logs of what has happened, so that we are able to figure out who is at fault.

Actions of users who intend to degrade someone else's time spent on ETG will not be tolerated to any extent. These actions include, but are not limited to threats, racist remarks, deliberate offensive remarks such as ones geared around gender/color/creed/religion, flooding channels, flooding in a private message, ban evasions, packeting, and giving out another persons real life information/phone numbers to hurt them.

All of these items listed are considered harassment, and will probably get you banned from the network as a result of your actions.

Excess Negativity & Insults - Anyone who is or has been repeatedly negative, insulting, or mean to any user, group of users, or to ETG itself can be removed from the network. For a long time the ETG Staff hasn’t really enforced the policies on harassment or negativity if it was directed against ETG itself unless it was extremely severe. With the appending of this rule, we are changing our long-standing policies on harassment/negativity to apply to ETG and the ETG Staff as well. The interpretation of what classifies as “negative”, “insulting”, and “mean” for this is at the sole discretion of the Senior and Director Level ETG Staff.

The reason for this is, ETG is the home to many people, including the ETG Staff that keep it running. If you were invited into or went over to someone else’s home and you were repeatedly negative or insulting to your hosts, or if you broke a lot of things in their house, you would be asked to leave and wouldn’t be invited, or allowed, back over. There is no difference between being over someone else’s home, or being in our home ETG. You need to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Just as Channels have always been able to “Uninvite/Disallow” you from using their services if you caused problems, were negative, or were mean to them in their home/channel, likewise now ETG adopts those same policies of protection from harassment for itself as well. If you are repeatedly negative or act up on ETG, you will be “uninvited” and removed from it.

Section 2. Channel Ownership

The community owns channels on ETG by default. With a very wide variety of groups on ETG we can't just state one rule for all.

a.       Clan Channels - During clan disputes with an active clan, the channel will be handed to the clan leader. Regardless of who registered the channel to begin with, the leader is the one we look toward to solve clan issues. If the leader has stepped down or dissolved the clan, then the channel will be handed to the members of the clan on request. If a leader disbands the clan and the members decide to keep it alive and elect a new leader, the new leader will be given control of the channel.

b.       Community Channels - These are channels that are there for the communities benefit. They can be channels for community topics or help. Being that community channels exist for the betterment and for the general use of the community, channel admins do not own them, but are entrusted with them. In case of problems with community channels, ETG may ask for submissions to help decide on a new person or group of people to run them.

c.       Organization Channels - As with any business, the owner of the organization is the head of it. If someone registers a channel for a company/group/website that isn't the owner of it and there is a problem, then it will be handed to the head of the organization.

d.       Official Channels - Official channels are channels that are run and sponsored/supported by ETG. ETG picks people to run these channels who likewise select staff themselves to help them do so.

Section 3. Nick Name/Hostmask Use on ETG

The use of nicknames or hostmasks that display racist, obscene, hateful, or questionable words in them, and having it reported to an ETG admin, will come with a warning. If the nick is not changed, we will then kill the user's connection from the network and if needed use a network ban on them. In the case of hostmasks, when an inappropriate one is found it will be denied access from use on ETG anymore.

The judgment of what falls into the above categories is at the sole discretion of the administrators.

Section 4. Protection of Nick Names

ETG does not use a NickServ to protect nicknames. We believe that nicknames are not owned. However just because a nickname isn't owned doesn't mean it can't be impersonated. In clear cases of impersonation we do step in.

Common Nicknames (Multiple people may have the same common nickname and not be impersonating one another. A common nickname is defined as any nickname with out a clan or organization tag on it. However if one of those people while using the same nick joins the others channels and or messages friends of the other pretending to be him, this classifies as impersonation.)

Clan Tagged Nicknames (Anyone impersonating as being a member of a clan they are not, is a clear case of impersonation and will be dealt with accordingly)

Admin Nicknames (Anyone found to be impersonating or trying to use an administrator's nickname is in violation of our rules and will be dealt with accordingly)

Section 5. Staff Interaction

ETG staff expects users to be courteous to them, and vice versa. We will display the same level of manners to you that you display to us. We have and always will followed one simple rule when it comes to users: No respect = No service.

Likewise our staff is no better than any user on the network. We consider ourselves users the same as anyone else. We have many checks and balances in place to make sure no staff member of ours can abuse the privileges they have. Likewise as a user they can be banned and considered not welcome in channels that don't want them there. The only exception to that is when they are joining the channel on official matters (see Part 2 - Section 9).

If you feel a staff member is abusing his or her status, please email us at with logs of the incident and the name of the staff member who you feel has acted inappropriately.

Section 6. Bot / Botnet Policy

A Bot is defined by ETG as any automated client. This can be a standalone program, such as an eggdrop or other custom coded process, or an automated script that works within an IRC client program. A Botnet is defined by ETG as any series of bots that are linked together, either directly or indirectly, to communicate together or work together to perform a similar task.

Any type of Trojan network is not allowed on ETG. If we find any Trojan botnet on ETG it is subject to an immediate gline from the network.

Any type of bot or botnet on ETG being used to hold nicks, hurt others, or cause problems for others on ETG are not allowed and will be not be tolerated.

Any type of idle bot to user pad in a channel or multiple channels, or shell with multiple bots on different ips to get around clone restrictions, are not allowed and will get the bot or shell glined.

Any type of automated relay bot or script is not allowed to be used on ETG, unless the channel owner of the channel that you are relaying the text from has given permission for you to relay the text ahead of time. Per Part 2, Section 16, Sub Section B, no relaying of any Official ETG Supported Event is ever allowed.

Any bots that would detract from an ETG Service’s purpose/usage or the purpose of ETG itself are not allowed. Aka, Scrim/War Bots or other types of bots that would detract from one of ETG’s offerings are not allowed.

Bots that offer specialized options that are deemed to compliment ETG’s offerings but not replace them are allowed.

Bots that have a sole purpose of basic channel management for use instead of ChanServ are allowed.

Pug bots, Trivia bots, Google bots, 8-Ball bots, Quote bots, and other friendly bots that do not fall under a category above are also allowed.

Section 7. Policy on Copyrighted Materials

EnterTheGame (ETG) is based in the United States and therefore obeys and enforces all applicable copyright laws subject to that. This includes but is not limited to the provisions/laws outlined in the U.S.C. Chapter 17 and those outlined in the Berne Convention (international copyright laws).

As an entity, ETG does not support or endorse any form of copyright infringement and promptly acts on issues regarding copyright and other intellectual property laws. We have warned and banned thousands of people over the years due to infringement relating to software and other forms of infringement.

We, like everyone else, know these things do happen and are a major issue in today's digital age. We do our best to ensure there is no form of mass distribution or any major form of infringement upon our network. Obviously we do not and cannot monitor everything that happens on our network, so we do need tips from users on our network in some cases to point out some things that may be going on. However overall we try to keep a close eye on things that may be happening and try to be as proactive as possible relating to such issues.

Section 8. Anime Policy

We do welcome people who fansub anime, to use ETG. FanSubing refers to a not-for-profit fan based initiative to subtitle (translate with subtitles) an anime program to aid in peoples exposure to something which they otherwise would have never been exposed.

ETG's stance in allowing anime has quite a few reasons behind it. First and foremost is the fact that a vast majority of console games are based on or have anime influence. A huge number of PC games do as well. This being said, the age groups of gamers and ETGers are ones that are interested in animation. Many of our anime enthusiasts are gamers and vice versa. We see a clear and direct connection/link between the two. This coupled with the fact of us having anime quake3/gaming mods on the network and many other reasons, led us to make this decision.

Contrary to some peoples' beliefs, anime is not warez, nor is it hentai. Hentai is anime but displays scenes of nudity and or erotic behavior. In a more precise definition: The Japanese translation for perversion, Hentai refers to sexually explicit or adult-related anime. This form of anime is NOT allowed on ETG.

When a fansub group requests an anime channel, there are rules and regulations they must agree to. Checks are then made to assure that they are not subbing or distributing any licensed anime to make sure our rules will be followed. The whole process can take anywhere from a week to a month. Below is a portion of the rules anime channels have to agree to before they can be registered:

No licensed anime: This refers to any anime series, movie or manga that has been licensed outside of Japan. Even if it has been licensed and not released yet, it is not to be distributed on ETG or subtitled by a group on ETG. When series get licensed you are responsible to remove all copies of them from distribution.

If a company that holds the copyright to a material asks you not to sub it or to remove it you have to obey by that request as it is illegal not to.

If you see someone serving licensed anime, tell him or her to remove it and inform them of the rules. If you are in charge of the channel its being done in and they don't comply, ban them from the channel. Likewise if they don't stop distributing such titles let an ETG staff member know and we will look into it and confront them on it or remove them from the network depending on the case and if they co-operate.

Feel free to visit the rules in full at

Section 9. Channel Policies

Every Channel on ETG is its' own sovereign/self-governing body. As such they have the full right to decide what type of content and rules they want in their respective channels. So long as their content and rules are not a violation of ETG's rules, they are seen as additional rules all users must follow while in those channels. Failure to follow those rules entitles that channel to ban or kick you with no warning.

Likewise, they also have the full authority to decide who they do and do not want in their channels. They can remove anyone they want from their channel for any reason without warning. ETG staff will not override a channels decision to ban you; it is their choice so if they ban you please contact them to discuss its removal. This includes even ETG staff. If a channel does not desire ETG staff in their channel and place a ban upon them ETG respects that right/decision of the channel.

The only time when ETG staff can override a channels decision is on "Official Matters" when there had been a violation of some sort and they need access to the channel to help deal with it, gather more information, or discuss it with the offending parties. When an ETG staff member joins a channel on Official Matters, for any operator of that channel to interfere with them carrying out their duties is a direct and large violation of our rules. Interference may include the items listed below and any others seen as obstructing an admin from carrying out his/her duties.

No Banning The Admin(s) (To ban an admin when he joins a channel on official matters, or after he has unbanned himself to join on official matters is a violation of our rules.)

No Kicking The Admin(s) (To kick an admin when he joins a channel on official matters can prevent or interrupt his response and is a violation of our rules.)

No Setting Channel Modes To Interfere (Setting any channel modes such as a +m or +I to prevent or interrupt an admin from being able to carry out his duty is a violation of our rules.)

Channels that are not registered will not be supported by ETG. By this we mean if it gets taken over or if you lose ops that is not something we can help you with. We are Services Administrators. Without services being in your channel, we cannot help you. Not registering a channel however, does not mean your channel or users in it can violate any of the rules/policies listed in this document.

Section 10. Channel Registration/Use Policies

We have many policies that dictate the registration/use of channels that must be paid attention to. They are listed below.

a.       Warez, Pornography, Drug Related, and MP3 channels are not to be registered. If any channels are found to be supporting/distributing any of the above, they may be subject to channel closure and/or bans related to the people involved.

b.       Channel names must be appropriate in the sense of not containing any questionable words/numbers/meanings etc, as judged at the ETG Staff’s discretion. If you insist on using a specific channel name that is deemed inappropriate, and it is for a clan/guild/team, we may suggest it be prefixed with that so you would use #clan_whatevername etc instead. Sometimes a name can be rectified with a clan website or ladder (see rule d below). Channel names can include any letter or number in the standard 101/102-keyboard configuration. This means that characters from a program such as character map may not be used. IE: ©, ®, §, ‘, ` and so on.

c.       Channels that are to be used as a defamatory front, in the terms of being a "hate" channel of any person, group, or object are not allowed and will not be tolerated.

d.       Channels that consist of game cheats and the solicitation of them are not tolerated.

e.       Personal channels are allowed, as long as they follow the rules of section a under registration of channels.

f.         Some channels may require an admin to check a website for the clan or organization that would like to acquire a channel. A website is only asked if we need to verify what the channel is for, or if we need to have proof of a questionable clan member really being part of a team.

g.       Channel Admins/Channel ops of Community Channels are not to do anything to hurt that community on ETG. With these types of channels the Admin is entrusted to run and help the community and not do anything to discredit, hurt, or otherwise destroy that community on ETG. These same rules have always applied to both community and game name channels. As stated in Part 2- Section 2 - Subsection B, if the admin or the staff running a community channel do things that ETG deems to be harmful to the community, ETG may at its discretion entrust the channel to other individuals who we feel have the community’s best interest in heart. Repeated problems of this type, with bad admins who hurt the community, is why we had to restrict registration of Game name channels. Please see Part 2 – Section 10 – Subsection H for more information on that.

h.       Channels with a game name in them or to be used as a game community channel require special approval. In most cases these channels are reserved for only the company who makes the game, the delegates they authorize to run a channel, or as an Official ETG channel. The reason for this is due to many abusive problems we've run in the past with certain individuals taking such channels for personal status/agendas, and in the end, running the game and the gaming population into the ground because it was not their true focus or was not a game they really liked to begin with. Running these types of channels requires sensitivity to the game so as to not to hurt the gaming community or the reputation of the game or gaming company. This coupled with copyright and other legal issues that can arise from bad people running these types of channels is what forced this policy of special approval required a couple years ago.

i.         In order to register a channel to you, you need to be an operator in it.

j.         Radio and Anime channels need approval from in order to be registered due to certain legalities that they need to understand first. Aka, they need to be licensed to play music over the Internet legally, and can not distribute any licensed works without permission or license to do so.

k.       Any channels that would directly or indirectly compete with an Official ETG Channel or the intended purpose of that channel are not allowed.

l.         Any channels/bots that would detract from an ETG Service’s purpose/usage or the purpose of ETG itself are not allowed. Exceptions are made for channels/bots that offer specialized options that are deemed to compliment ETG’s offerings but not replace them. This rule is not applicable to channels/bots that have a sole purpose of basic channel management.

Section 11. ETG VHost Registration/Use Policies

We have many policies that dictate the registration/use of ETG VHosts that must be paid attention to. They are listed below.

a.       Having a VHost for a channel is a privilege not a right. Not every channel will be eligible to have a Vhost, and if you do get one you may lose that privilege at any time.

b.       VHost names must be appropriate in the sense of not containing any questionable words/numbers/meanings/appearances etc, as judged at the ETG Staff’s discretion. Sometimes we may require a VHost to be prefixed with clan/guild/team if it is border-line on appropriateness or in how it would appear.  Other times a channel can not have any VHosts regardless of modification due to its name. These channels are generally told that upfront upon registration of the channel that it will not be eligible for a VHost.

c.       VHosts are only for established reputable Clans or other reputable Organizations. VHosts can only be registered to public, not private channels. Personal VHosts are not allowed except under very rare extenuating circumstances, and even then still require a channel record to be attached to.

d.       If the channel your VHost is registered to expires, the VHost will also expire. If your channel is found to no longer be active or in general use your vhost may also be expired.

e.       The channel admin who registers the VHost is responsible for everyone he lets use it. Likewise he can be held accountable for any rules they break while using that vhost.

f.         Any abuse or rules broken by individuals while on the vhost, will immediately get that vhost locked from further use. Once a vhost is locked for abuse, you can request it be unlocked by emailing Upon receiving a request for unlock the specific case is reviewed and a decision rendered if it will be unlocked or not. A vhost that has already been locked more then once for abuse, will not be unlocked a second time.

g.       Having a vhost locked for one of your channels will likely preclude you from getting a vhost for any other channels. If it's discovered that you had any current vhosts locked when you had a new one made, any new vhosts you have registered may also be subject to being locked.

h.       Having multiple vhosts already or being deemed to not be responsible enough to have vhosts may preclude you from getting a vhost.

i.         Clans must be established to be eligible for a vhost. As such, clan channels must meet certain requirements to be considered an established organization. An ETG Admin can tell you if your clan is eligible for a vhost based upon the various requirements. Some factors that might be looked at in qualifying you as an established clan, might include the clan having a valid website, a long history of being on different ladders or tournaments, or a handful of other factors.

j.         Clan channels have a 3 month waiting period from time of registration before they are eligible for a vhost. This requirement may be waived if the clan is already established somewhere else and there is proof via a valid website and tournament history that they have been around longer than 3 months.

Section 12. Clan/Organization Responsibility

Clans and organizations are responsible for their members. By this we mean, if you admit people into your organization knowing they will break our rules/the law, or if you find this out after the fact and do nothing as a matter of policy, it will be seen as your organization is supporting those actions. Likewise if your organization does indeed look for this "type" of person and/or authorizes/approves of such actions your whole organization may be held responsible. It is rare that a whole organization will be seen in this light but it has happened in the past a few times and it probably will in the future as well. These instances mainly have been where groups of deviants come together in a single organization; by far the vast majority of users/organizations on ETG are comprised of nice and upstanding people. Let's keep it that way.

Also as the Clan Leader/Organizational Head/Channel Admin you have a personal responsibility to make sure your channel is in compliance with our rules and the law. By this we mean if you see people doing bad things (not necessarily just members), remove them or de-op them as the case may be. In the end you have a responsibility to govern/run your channel and that includes keeping it and the people within it in compliance with any applicable rules or laws. Failure to do so can be seen as supporting their actions.

Section 13. Cheating/Hacking Policies

Being a gaming organization, this is an issue close to our hearts. People/organizations who cheat as a way to win and defeat more reputable people/teams are not welcome on ETG. Likewise people who make cheats, hacks, or bots are also not welcome. As a leading contributor to the gaming community, we feel this responsibility also falls to helping to keep it clean, sportsmanlike, and a good overall community. As such people or clans that are determined to be cheaters by the OGL authority may also be subject to discipline/removal from ETG. We hope this will help bring about more honorable days for gaming again.

Section 14. Policy on Aiding/Supporting People who break the Rules or the Law

Knowingly giving any form of support or aiding anyone who has broken our rules or broken the law is against our rules. This could include anything from providing them with shells to cause more havoc to providing them with BNCs to bypass bans etc. Anything you provide to them to help them further break the rules will be seen as you aiding them and you will likewise then be in violation of our rules. Furthermore depending on the offense of the individual you are supporting it may also call for us to contact your ISP and/or the Authorities about it. Supporting and aiding lawbreakers makes you guilty as an accomplice, so please make sure to re-think providing such support to friends.

Section 15. Enforcement of EnterTheGame Rules

Occasions may occur in which a channel and/or users break the rules. If you happen to see anything happen that doesn't seem right, or seems to be a pure violation of our rules, please be sure to let an ETG Admin know. Join #etg and say in the channel that you need to talk to an admin about someone violating the rules. An admin will tell you to contact them, and then they can take it from there. Depending on the severity and the rules broken they may call for something from a warning, a kill, or removal from the network at the Admin's Discretion. Likewise depending on if this is a first offense or a repeated one will also play a role in that decision. We do have guidelines as to what crime equals what punishment but that is not public and each time a rule is broken it is taken on an individual case-by-case basis. As each situation is different and can call for a different handling.

Likewise, please do not ask us to go into detail about various abuse situations. The general reason why a person had action taken against them will always be in the kill or ban message though, so be sure to check there. Abuse cases are between us and those people or their ISP. However times do even come to where we won't divulge details about a case to anyone due to certain circumstances such as protecting the identities of those who provided us the evidence or the notification of the abuse. Likewise cases that we are working with the authorities on also won't be discussed.

Section 16. Official ETG Events, Raffles, and Prizes

a. Official Event Definition
Official ETG Events include any event that ETG organizes, runs, promotes, endorses, or in which ETG is aiding the operational process.

b. Event Copyright
A lot of hard work, time, and money go into putting these Events together. They are copyright like any other TV Interview, or Magazine Article. It is not only wrong for individuals to disrupt our Official Events or to relay them to somewhere else (i.e., another network, website or channel) but it is illegal without written permission from ETG.  All text in interviews, game events, or other text in said Event channels is copyright EnterTheGame( a division of Excelsior Media Studios, Inc.) and is property of the EnterTheGame Network.

No relaying or posting of any part of Official ETG Events shall be relayed to a third party, doing so will result in immediate removal from the channel carrying the Event and will exclude said individual(s) from further participation from said events and channels. This may also mean a removal from the ETG Network.

c. Rules of Play
The rules of play for contests shall be set forth at the beginning of said contest.

d. Eligibility and Details for Winning Prizes or Raffles
Staff members of EnterTheGame (including all current and past ETG Staff, Service Administrators, HelperServ Helpers, Official Channel Moderators and Administrators), ETG affiliates, parent company, sponsors, advertisers, advertising and promotion agencies and their immediate family members and those living in the same household are not eligible to win.

Persons, and their family members and those living in the same household, who are staff of any chat network, organization that hosts a chat network, or who are affiliated with any competing networks of ETG are not eligible to win.

Persons who are currently or have been deemed as troublesome users in the past for violating the ETG Rules are not eligible to win.

Verification of winner eligibility can take up to 30 days.

Winners who do not claim prizes within 30 days of announcement of winning, forfeit their winnings

Substitution of prizes - Winner may make no substitution or transfer of prize. Additionally, configuration and all other characteristics of the prize will be at the sole discretion of ETG. Return of any prize or prize notification as undeliverable will result in disqualification.

e. General Rules

The laws of Kentucky govern this contest. By entering, entrants/winners agree; (1) to release ETG and Parties from liability, loss or damage arising out of their participation in the Contest and with respect to their acceptance and use/misuse of any prizes; (2) to be bound by the Official Rules; (3) that the decisions of ETG are final and binding on all matters relating to the Contest; and (4) to the use of their names and likeness for advertising and promotional purposes in all media worldwide (including online) without additional compensation. All applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Winners are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes. ETG and its agents are not responsible for technical, hardware or software malfunctions, telephone failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, garbled or delayed electronic communications whether caused by the sender or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in this Contest which may limit the ability to participate or by any human or technical error which may occur in the processing of the entries in this Contest. As permitted by law in accordance with the ETG's Privacy Policy, ETG may use information, which all winners provide about themselves, to send them announcements and other communications via electronic and ordinary mail. An entry, except where prohibited by law, constitutes a grant of permission to the ETG or its agents to include winner's names on the ETG website, affiliated sites, and other sites comprising the Enter The Game Network and in connection with a Winner's List without further notice or without additional compensation.

Overall, these rules and policies are here for our users and the networks protection. By everybody abiding by them, everyone's stay on ETG will be a pleasant one and that is what we all want. We are continuously listening and working to improve on our network and refine the policies of it to help make everyone’s stay as pleasant as possible. As such, these rules/policies are subject to change without notice.

All content of this document is Copyright EnterTheGame / Excelsior Media Studios, Inc. 2019

None of it can be reproduced or mirrored by any means without explicit written approval.