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Below you will find a list of ETG's Current Administrative Family. We put alot of time in every day to help keep this place running for you to use. We've been through alot of tough times as a network and these are the people who have helped see it though those times. While the shape and members of this family has changed over the years, all of the current staff is amongst some of the best we've ever had.

Last Updated: May 3rd, 2005 - By: WHiZ
VD-WHiZ - Director of Operations
WHiZ is the main person responsible for all of ETG. Among some of WHiZ`s responsibilities are maintaining the network, setting up new servers, programming services, working as the overall head of the network, dealing with abuse and likewise the authorities in some cases. ETG was one of his many dreams. There is, however, a common misconception as to the IRC Network. Originally it wasn`t intended to be an IRC Network at all. It was a Website that him and his business partner had been working on. Then one night in an overwhelming disappointment of the other network him and his clan were on, he decided to gather some friends and leverage his company servers and their personal ones to stop the talk about the dreams.. and start the reality of them. The rest shall we say is history. Since then ETG has grown to become the #1 gaming network for all of the western hemisphere, and continues to grow daily. His hopes and dreams and purpose for ETG remain solid and unwavering, providing a safe and fun place for people around the world to come and be able to talk and setup games and make new friends
Note from WHiZ:
I hope you all enjoy your stay at ETG. We`ve worked really hard to be able to provide this for you. Personally I`ve put in more hours then I wish to even remember. But every time I hear someone say "thanks for ETG" I know it was all worth it. All in all I think you will find the setup and friendliness at ETG rather refreshing, We pride ourselves on providing some of the best service, with some of the best staff in the world. I do want to point out ETG isn`t a 1 person operation. ETG wouldn`t be where it is today if it wasn`t for the caring admins both past and present. I`m really proud of how far my dream for ETG has come, and I hope it continues to grow and provide a great home for all of us for many more years to come.

Last Updated: May 4th, 2005 - By: WHiZ
Consequator - Director of Support
Conz is one of our only admins who is not from the USA. While this makes him the odd ball out sometimes not understanding those "silly americans" more often then not it has given him a unique insight on things from an outside perspective. He has the ability to "Think Out Of The Box" quite well. Conz has to be one of our most patent and understanding admins. Not to mention he`s a great listener. Those qualities make him a good admin and great when dealing with problems that come up on the network. Be it newbies needing help or helping a channel with a takeover. Conz is also a great scripter for mIRC. He has routinely made some of the top notch scripts that the admin staff and users alike have used and come to rely on. All around conz is a great guy with a lot of patience and a very good heart. He is an excellent addition to the staff and to the family.
Last Updated: May 4th, 2005 - By: whiz
IcePick - Senior Network Admin
Icepick is another major part of the ETG backbone. His strong moral convictions and desire to see what`s right be done made him an excellent person for this position. His responsibilities above the normal ones include dealing with abusive people and acting as a mediator during disagreements between parties. He has to listen to all sides and decide who is telling the truth and who is not. His strong convictions of not wanting to see the wrong person go punished for the actions of another play heavily twords those decisions. Overall his position is one to oversee the entire network and deal with things that affect it on a global basis. Icepick is a rare one nowadays, as he values honesty, loyalty, and doing what`s right above all else. He is well known in the staff as being one of the few to be able to make those top notched decisions when someone is doing something wrong, but also being one of the main ones to listen to each side while they fully explain. All around he`s a great addition to ETG and to the admin family.
Note from IcePick:
Since joining the ETG staff in the spring of 1999, I`ve participated in the tremendous growth of an IRC network that is now enjoyed by thousands of users every day. Along with my fellow Admins, I`ve tried to live up to the ideal that I believe ETG is alone in expressing: treating our users with respect and not as subjects to be ruled. In this spirit, I would like to thank all our users for choosing ETG as YOUR network. I`m there for you, because without you, ETG would not be!"

Last Updated: May 4th, 2005 - By: whiz
VD-VAMPiE - Senior Network Admin
VD-VAMPiE was one of the first people on ETG. As a member of Virtual Death(VD) he got to see first hand how much WHiZ and the others cared about ETG and how much they enjoyed helping others. After a while his good nature and character had him helping users out too. A few months later he was invited in as an official helper. With his hard work and good heart he quickly became and admin and the rest is history. VAMPiE`s character is a very kind, caring, easy going, and loyal one. He protects and stands up for his friends and is always there to help them out of a bind. One thing you can always be sure of is Vamp`s a man of his word. If he tells you he`ll do something he will always come through for you. Truly a great man indeed. WHiZ and him are literally brothers in every sense of the word. But the funny thing is their friendship never probably would have gotten to that point if it wasn`t for ETG. Making new friends and building existing friendships stronger has to be one of the greatest things ETG has given many of us that I`m sure we will remember for ever.
Note from VAMPiE:
I moved to ETG with the clan I wanted to get into at the time. Just so happens that clan was VD, and I moved here with them the day ETG went online. It wasn`t until about 8 months after being here that I was invited in to be an admin. I have met a lot of very nice people online since my time being an admin. I spend all my spare time on ETG to ensure everyone is happy and there are minimal problems. I even got my wife involved on ETG because of how much time I spend on it. Now we spend more time together because of ETG. I thank everyone who uses ETG for making it what it is today (thee best network online).

Just remember "Were not here for a long time, so lets make it a good time. Be nice to everyone"

Last Updated: May 4th, 2005 - By: whiz
Fatboy - Security Specialist
Fatboy has been with us from day one. He is one of the most loyal friends one could ever hope to have in life. He and WHiZ have known each other for many many years. Fatboy and him had worked together on many projects, so when WHiZ was starting up ETG, it only made sense Fatboy would be a trusted cornerstone of it as well. He immediately fit in and took up  his area of expertise of different security related issues on ETG. From insecure proxies use in channel takeovers to flooders to all types of things Fatboy always found them and dealt with them swiftly. He has been a great addition to the staff. Having connection problems he took a small vacation from the i-net for a bit, but with those recently resolved he is back and still as much a part of the family as ever. If there were two words that would describe Fatboy best, its Trustworthy and Loyal, two so very oftenly forgotten about qualities. Its been a pleasure having him on the staff and we all look forward to having him around for a lot longer.
Last Updated: May 13th, 2005 - By: whiz
Kismet - Senior Network Admin
Kismet has been with us for a while now. She first started to hang out and help out many years ago, back when she was friends of one of the people that was providing a server to ETG. From there she started helping people more and more and was offered a position on the staff. As the years have passed, she has taken on extra duties and responsibilities. She currently heads up the effort of managing ETG`s Support MailBox, and does a superb job of it. Over the years she`s shown a great capacity for giving her very all to help out ETG and it is much appreciated by both the users and the management here. Its people like Kismet that really help keep ETG running day-to-day. We are glad to have her aboard.
Last Updated: Feb 2nd, 2006 - By: whiz
PennStater - Services Administrator
Note from PennStater:
I am very excited and honored to be able to join the EnterTheGame staff! In the past couple years, I`ve made many good friends on ETG. I think that the ETG community is a great one, and am glad that I have this opportunity to give back to the community. My pledge is to do my best to help ETG grow even stronger than it is today. Let me finish with the quote that I use in my quit message, because I feel that it’s an important lesson for everyone to think about, and that it is one of the core ideas that ETG practices to make it such a respectable network.

“Never look down on someone unless you`re helping them up.”
Last Updated: Feb 2nd, 2006 - By: whiz
The Rest of the Staff
NameTitleAdmin Since
CyzNetwork Administrator
eViLSHaFTServices Administrator
GeoMSecurity Specialist
BeanyServices Administrator
DogMatixServices Administrator
RezzServices Administrator
Last Updated: May 9th, 2010 - By: PennStater
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