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NOTE: We currently are accepting more helpers. The below texts will give you an idea as to what we will look for. Also we won`t be looking for people who magically start helping when spots are available, we will be looking at those who have been helping all along.

First off let me start off by saying ETG is unlike any other network currently around. Not just because of our staff, or what we offer, but because the way we are run/setup. ETG is actually owned by me and my company, I am paying about 20,000$ a year to bring ETG to the gaming community out of my own pocket. That`s right I`m paying tons of money so that *YOU* can use a free IRC service. Think I`m crazy? Well so does the rest of my family and friends so join the club.

That being said, ETG is made on some very strong rules, standards, foundations. When ETG was made, it was made to be different from all other networks. It was designed in a way to provide you with the maximum stability, performance, and service. I have been on IRC so many years I choose not to even count them or remember them anymore frankly. Those years have shown/taught me alot of things, mainly how many jerks and perverts there are on the net, but it also showed me how many good people are also here.

That`s what ETG was made for, a place for the good people to come, not have to worry about problems etc. A place where the gaming community could come together and actually get along (weird dream I know but for the most part, that is what we all do.) Among the other things these years have taught me is how much the different networks don`t actually care about their users, and the network itself really. Mostly run by power tripping people who expect you to bow to them. If there is a real problem on the network they won`t do anything to help you unless you are a close personal friend of theirs etc.

ETG`s Admin staff is selected not based on who they know or what they have done in the past, but based on who they are and how much they truly want to help. Imagine that, a network that selects admins based on their character.. Cool concept eh? People become helpers after they have proven not just a willingness/desire to help but have actually done so selflessly without asking for or expecting helpership in return. Sound weird? Well that`s because we don`t like people who help for the sole purpose of attaining status on the network. We also don`t like people who feel they should be admins just because they have admin experience elsewhere. Frankly we don`t give a rats-butt about where you are from or what you have done. In all honesty alot of people that request adminship because of their past adminship don`t even get considered because of where they have served before and our foreknowledge of type of people that admin there. Many people inquire and want to be admins because they think it makes them special and gives them power over others. That`s not the case. An admin is no better then a normal user. This is because they are in fact a normal user, bound to the same rules the users are. Another cool concept eh? The people who staff the network are responsible for acting within the same rules the users are expected to. ETG isn`t a "do as I say, not as I do" network. Admins/helpers get cut/suspended quite quickly if abusing the system.

Anyways, so to get to the point here. If you want to be a helper/admin for any reason other then helping others, you are going into it for the wrong reason. The job we do is greatly under appreciated. It is reward is knowing you are helping others and hearing the occasional person saying "thank you" or complimenting you. We bring on people who help out alot and who have proven themselves as wanting to help for the right reasons, who have good character, and who genuinely care about the network and its users. All of that alone is not enough though, you need to earn the trust of the fellow admins in order to be considered. if we don`t think we can trust you, or we can`t trust whether you are doing this for the right reason or not odds aren`t good for you. The last determining factor is whether there is actually a need for more helpers/admins at the time.

Once someone becomes a helper, as they prove themselves more trustworthy and show they really do like helping others and really do care, they get raised to an ETG Admin. Likewise once you are an ETG Admin, the more trustworthy you are and the more you help, the more responsibility/access you will be given.

I`d also like to re-iterate that whether you are a helper, and admin, or a normal user any amount of help you give is greatly appreciated by those you help, and by the admin staff. ETG`s greatest asset it its great users. Without them we wouldn`t be much. We do appreciate all of your help and support.

Thanks again for everything,



Start by helping people in #etg. Read over the ChanServ documentation, learn how ETG services work. Answer questions, learn from others. Show good judgment, good attitude, and maturity. When something major happens, be part of the solution, not an additional problem that the admins have to deal with. Help calm people down rather than instigating additional trouble. If #etg goes +m for some reason, donít change your nick to something obscene or beg for voice thatís not the way to solve the problem.

Find out what people need and steer them to the appropriate Admin. If they need channel registrations, just about anyone can help them. If they need something more specific like a channel deleted or a channel admin changed, thatís a smaller group of people. Learn who can do what, and help users get the help they need. Know what people do well, and know where you can fill in if help is needed on a network project.

When itís busy, help direct traffic. Ask the helpers (the people with +) who of the ops is busy and whoís not. Donít just automatically tell people to message one particular op. That person may be insanely busy, and you telling people to message them is the last thing they need right at the moment. If thereís someone that comes in screaming takeover, find out quickly if theyíre the channel admin. If they are, help Ďem get the channel back. If theyíre NOT the channel admin, get an Adminís attention and get that person help ASAP.

If you run a channel, donít advertise your channel in #etg. Donít spam, donít insult the ops or other users. Please, please, please donít be a dick!! Get to know the current admins. No, we donít mean kiss ass. If we meant kiss ass, weíd have said it. Donít automatically hang in all their channels and pester them to bits. No we donít mean incessantly message them about useless trivia unless itís a legitimate question. Do talk to them and find out whether theyíre people you can work with. Know them well enough to know which way theyíre likely to jump in a situation.

Make sure youíre doing this for the right reasons to help people, to make the network a better place. If youíre just doing it for status, get lost now and donít bother starting. Itís not worth it. There are easier ways to get status.

Thereís no set time on when people who help get their + status. It could be two months, it could be twelve months, it could be longer. Thereís no set time for people to go from + to @, either. Thereís no set number of ops we can or will have at any given time.

What are we looking for? Good people who are interested in helping make the network a better place for everyone. If you think thatís you, start helping in #etg!


Last Updated: May 3rd, 2005 - By: WHiZ
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