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After installing mIRC there are a few options to set up before being able to connect to a network. The options box should pop up automatically, but if by chance it has already been closed there`s two ways to get back into the options menu. By using the key combination alt-o or by clicking the folder/hammer icon. As shown below.

Now on the Connect menu under options, there are four text fields that need to be filled in. First fullname, e-mail address, nickname, and alternate nickname (If the nickname that has been chosen is currently in use on the network you are connecting to, the alternate nickname will take place).

The email address that is chosen will also represent the ident while connected to the network. Under the identd options click the checkmark to enable identd server, after doing this the User ID must be the same as the e-mail address chosen. As shown below.

Once this is finished, jump back up to the Servers menu to enter the server to connect to. Click on the add button. There are only two options here that need to be filled out, the networks Description and the IRC Servers address. Under Description enter EnterTheGame and for IRC Server enter As shown below.

Other miscellaneous options to setup

To setup a perform list for commands to execute on connecting to the server click the Options menu in Options. Then click on the perform button. Once in there make sure enable perform on connect checkmark box is checked. Now perform can be setup specifically for separate networks, so make sure the proper Network in the drop down menu is selected to the network that you are connecting to. While in this option, this is where commands that are wanted to be executed during connect go. i.e. vhost login, joining channels etc.

To turn on timestamp events click on Messages under the options menu and checkmark the timestamp button.

Logging is an excellent option to turn on. Especially if there has been some abuse of some sort logs are much needed for this sort of thing when speaking with an ETG Admin. To turn logging on click on the Logging option, in the drop down menu there`s 3 types of logging, channels, chats, and both. Channels log everything that occurs in the channels you are currently idling in, while chats only logs the private messages that are sent and received as well as dcc chats. Both will log both of these and will save the logs in your base mirc dir/logs.

To easily setup the topic and modes for your channel simply double click on the channel. After doing that it`ll show a popup box with all the mode options you`ll need to edit for your channel.

On the tool bar to search for channels of interest click on the globe looking icon with a list on it. For scripting purposes use the CE and 2 red dots button to take you into "remote". To customize the colors in mIRC click on the crayon icon, and as always help files are such a life saver and in this case it literally is as a life saver icon.
Last Updated: May 12th, 2005 - By: whiz
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