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Gameplanet was created with the vision of bringing to New Zealanders a place where you can play games, buy games, talk games and meet gamers.

We provide multiplayer Internet game servers for a variety of popular games, we mirror a wide range of gaming related files and provide incentives to play by organising and sponsoring competitions. We sell games, taking pride in having the widest selection of games and the most knowledgable staff in New Zealand. Our team of writers maintain up-to-date News, Reviews, Previews and Feature articles for PC and console platforms. We provide a space for gamers to interact, we run a local IRC chat server, and we operate a network of specialised community-oriented New Zealand gaming sites.

Strategic Relationships

First and foremost, QuakeCon is a huge LAN party dedicated to fans of id Software`s games (i.e., Quake, Quake 2, and Quake III Arena). We also hold workshops and roundtables where id Software employees discuss the games, technology, and their thoughts about the gaming industry. Other people and companies in the gaming community also participate in the workshops and roundtables while displaying their upcoming games and hardware. QuakeCon also hosts tournaments, large and small. Basically, it`s an enormous LAN party with a lot of other stuff to do in-between deathmatching with people from all over the world!

Imagine a room with rows and rows of computers and people in the same room playing all kinds of multiplayer games with and against each other. Noise, explosions, people yelling at each other and having a great time! All around the edges of this main room are booths where companies will showcase their newest and upcoming games and hardware. The main tournament will be held in the center of this room. In other rooms there are conferences with people talking about the future of gaming and the gaming community.

Last Updated: Feb 2nd, 2006 - By: whiz
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