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While on our network, we have Rules and we have etiquette. Another definition of etiquette is courtesy. There are a few things you should try to remember if you want to be treated with respect from the ETG community and the net overall. Clan channel here can be an organization, group or business as well as a guild, team, clan or pickup channel. We have used Clan channel as a generalization for "your channel" or "someone else`s channel" but the rules apply for *all* channels on this network.

General Rules for the ETG Network: (This applies to all channels.)

* Don`t type everything in capital letters. Doing so is considered yelling and usually ends up with the one using all caps being laughed at or made fun of.

* If you`re talking to someone you don`t know, do not use profanity or be antagonistic. Be respectful.

* Do not spam or flood any channel. If you feel it is necessary to continuously repeat yourself, then you`re probably in the wrong place.

* Report any incidents of excess cloning, ping flooding, DoS`ing, ICMP/Nuking, etc. to the network OPs. Most networks ask that you have a few things in order to do report a Nuke/ICMP/Packeting/DoS:

1. A log of the threat or of the incident
2. A trace from NukeNabber, ICMP watch, or similar program
3. A screenshot of the incident

* Remember your manners: "please", "thank you", and "I really appreciate it" are NOT outdated concepts on IRC!

* Try to work out trouble or avoid trouble with other users BEFORE it turns into a nuke-a-thon. Work together. The network belongs to EVERYONE, and we`re all expected to be able to get along. If someone repeatedly pisses you off, either don`t go in channels that they frequent, or you have a feature called /ignore. USE IT.

* Watch your language! There are often children under the age of consent hiding behind adult-sounding names. Do you REALLY want to be the one Junior`s parents come after for giving their 10-year-old his (new) extensive vocabulary of four-letter words? If you REALLY need to swear, take it to a query window or a DCC chat!

* Know the policies of the networks you`re on with regard to certain types of software, links, etc. If the network you`re on has a strict policy, please follow it. We can`t monitor what you talk about in your channels, but channel topics can be routinely and easily scanned by anyone on the network who knows how to do a /list. Protect yourself and your network admins by knowing the policies and reporting those who violate them. We appreciate your help in keeping that kind of trouble off the network and making it more enjoyable for everyone!

* Do NOT make unfounded accusations, nuke yourself and accuse someone else of doing it, or any of that other lameness. We WILL see through it, and we WILL NOT be happy with people who waste OPs time by reporting things that didn`t happen! That`s part of the reason many networks have started asking for a screenshot! This is also covered in the rules, Part 2 Section 10 - No Lying to ETG Admins.

* Do not assume that the OP you`re working with is male. There are more and more lady OPs on the networks these days, if in doubt, check the ident. If STILL in doubt... ASK!

* Do NOT tell lies, repeat malicious (or blatantly untrue gossip, spread rumors, or involve the network OPs in your personal quarrels with other users. We`re a little too old for that, we`re assuming that most of you are, too.

* Do NOT Jump into a public channel spouting four-(or five-) letter words, concepts, or bathroom humor. It`s not shocking, it`s just plain IRRITATING to those of us who were trying to hold intelligent conversations before your arrival.

* Do NOT Post in your clan channel topic "FREE PORN AT" This will (on some networks) get your channel taken away. The same is true for WAREZ. It`s highly illegal to distribute adult-oriented links to anyone under 18; and even more so to distribute software without appropriate licensing and copyright. If you think we`re joking check the US Penal Code. If you`re found distributing warez, you face up to $25,000 in fines and the possibility of five years JAILTIME. Try explaining that when you go to apply for a job as a sysadmin.

* Laws applicable offline are almost always applicable online. Do not break a law. Do not harass or defame individuals. You can be sued or prosecuted from your online activity just as you can be sued or prosecuted from your offline activities.

* Do not decide to "get even" for someone flaming you by attacking them. This is not only against our rules, it`s illegal. No retaliation. If you feel you`re being harassed, find an admin in #ETG to report it.

Rules for the Main Support Channel (#ETG)

All the general rules apply here too.
* Ask for help, generally by stating the problem.

* Be patient, ETG Admins and HelperServ Helpers may be helping other users and will help you as quickly as we can.

* If the ops have to moderate the channel (+m), do not get upset and start messaging the ops saying you cannot talk in #ETG. We do not usually moderate the channel unless something is going on or we have an announcement.

* Don`t be disrespectful to users in the channel who try to give you help. Your problem might be as simple as a syntax error on a command to chanserv or your ident changed and sometimes the regulars in the channel can help identify the problem.

* Do not spam or flood the channel. If no admins or helpers are around at that moment, give us time. We`re gamers and people with families and jobs as well, so while we strive to be on as often as possible and available, there might be times of an hour or so that we`re not there. Don`t repeat your question or request unless you are specifically asked again to state what you need.

In Your Own Clan`s Channel

* Hold a clan meeting with your clanmembers, and decide what behaviors will get people kicked, banned, etc. Things like threats, trashtalk, kick/banning clan members, and warn clan members AND visitors that these things are not acceptable in your channel.

* Stop problems before they start. Keep your auto-ops list limited to current clan members, institute a password-for-ops (chanpass) system, and make hostmasks sufficiently restrictive that not just anyone using @home can get ops in your channel!

* Tell new clan members what`s expected of them in the channel. Show them how to kick, ban, change topic, and change modes in the channel. Show them how to invite themselves back in if channel is +i, and how to get around a global ban (*!*@*).

* Set up two (if not thre* admins or chanleaders that can add people to auto-ops. It`s a real pain when the ONE person that can do it is on vacation! Show your admins how to work with Services, give them the password, and make sure they know how to do hostmasks. Tell them to ask an op if they don`t know what they`re doing.

* If your channel changes networks, post it in the channel topic for a week or so before you move. It`s a little like a "change-of-address" card!

* Do not kickban one person for violating the rules and do nothing to someone else for the same behavior. That sets up a double standard for your channel that you won`t want to deal with later!

* Do not leave clan members that have been gone for a year on your auto-op list, or make hostmasks like *!*@* If someone moves, update their hostmask by removing the old one then adding the new one.

* Do not just let new clan members "figure it out" What happens when your newbies are the only ones in channel and your channel gets taken over? If the person targeting you for a takeover knows your clan, they know who`s a newbie, and they may assume that person can`t protect themselves or your channel!

* Do not have only one admin that knows how to work Services. Having multiple admins means training each other and working together, don`t let your teamwork fall apart when you leave the playing field!

* Do not let people just "figure out" where your channel went. They may not guess right, and you may lose friends or recruits! Paste it in your topic where the channel went.

* Do not let people get away with things that your clan has placed on the "not in our channel" list. This has the potential to let your channel get out of control in a hurry if you let it go. "They`ve been here longer than I have" is not an excuse. Rules are rules. It`s got to be the same for everyone.

In Another Clan`s Channel

* Learn to live without ops! Many clans have a members-only ops policy, and if you`re not in their clan, you WILL NOT get ops in their channel.

* Remember that you`re a guest. Treat others the way you*d like to be treated, including fellow guests!

* Leave if you`re asked to. If things get far enough that a clan member bans you, assume it was for a reason and stay out of the channel for a while untill tempers cool off!

* Observe (at VERY least) your own clan`s rules on IRC behavior. Ask before doing DCC file sends or DCC chats with people you don`t know well, and keep annoying scripts (including colors, ascii art, etc) to a minimum.

* Do NOT whine, beg, plead, lie or scheme to get ops. Most clans don*t like people who do this stuff, even if they`re friends with one of the members. If things get bad enough, your friend may no longer have a clan! If you`re trying to do this, it can also be considered a lead in to a takeover, especially if you`re lying or scheming or change your ident to match one on the ops list.

* Do NOT kick or ban anyone without checking with a clan member. It may be that someone`s just joking around.

* Do NOT constantly try to get back into a channel you`re not welcome in. Don`t whine to be let back in, don`t message people incessantly, and don`t try to break in with a wingate/proxy or by impersonating someone. All that will get you is more (and more serious) trouble.

* Do NOT start arguments (which can escalate into kickfests, banfests, and nukefests and other illegal activity) with people in the clan or other guests. Don`t make threats, talk trash, or act in ways that YOU wouldn`t tolerate in your own clan*s channel!

Last Updated: May 13th, 2005 - By: whiz
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