These rules and the admins that enforce them are in place to keep the servers fun. If you work against the admins or the rules intentionally, even if what you are doing is not explicitly against the rules, you still run the risk of being kicked or banned. Please enjoy the servers and the company of those you play with!


Don't intentionally block access to industries, large areas of the map or areas that another player is building in. If you find another player is building where you were going to, do NOT try and hinder their progress. Build around, over or under them. If the other person has built in a way where this is not possible, use your manners and politely ask them to make room for you but most importantly, they don't have to.


Don't deliberately sabotage your opponents vehicles. This includes but is not limited to running trains over road vehicles or purposefully creating congestion within cities that an opponent is servicing.


Don't cheat to advance yourself within the game. This includes but is not limited to creating multiple companies to utilise starting funds or joining someone else's company to ruin them. If you do discover any exploits which create wealth, give an unfair advantage against other players or prevents the normal operation of the game, please report it to the OpenTTD developers and us so the vulnerability can be closed. Don't abuse bugs or exploits because this only harms OpenTTD gameplay and breaks the fun people have.


Competition is limited to primary industries only! You may not compete for resources produced by secondary industries. This includes but is not limited to Sawmills, Oil Refineries, Food Processing Plants, Paper Mills, Printing Works and Steel Mills. This rule also applies to FIRS. There are plenty of industries spread across all maps, find your own.


Build stations responsibly! Do no build stations or station parts that serve the sole purpose of increasing the coverage area, sabotaging other players, increasing the station/town rating or decreasing the distance to another station. You are allowed to sattelite your stations on servers 4-7 due to the limited number of stations but still not with the purpose of sabotaging other players.


Do not maliciously destroy cities or roads. Destroying small amounts of town tiles to fit your station or for the sole purpose of expanding your station is ok. Destroying city and road tiles for the sole purpose of disrupting your opponents or decreasing the passengers available is not ok.


Be nice to other people. When using the chat system avoid the use of inappropriately gruesome or hideous subjects; remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or excessively obscene vulgar language. Also do not discuss the use or practice of any illegal activity or provide links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned. Remember that OpenTTD games are played by people of all ages.