Painkiller Chat

<VD-WHiZ|WoRKiN> Ok everyone thanks for coming .. we are going to get this started here... private message 
your questions to EventServices and they will be added to the que to be asked

<Bglad[DC]> introductions first?

<Bglad[DC]> I'll go...

<Bglad[DC]> I'm the Painkiller Product Manager at DreamCatcher. Otherwise known as the marketing guy.

<PCF-Adrian> I'm Adrian Chmielarz, lead designer on PK...

<NV_Keith> I'm a developer relations guy at NVIDIA ... otherwise known as help games look good and go faster 

<PCF-Adrian> DC/PCF/nVidia in da house then...

<[dz]Nogame> One quality that I think game development companies have completley overlooked is having a professional gamer on staff to give an insider`s opinion on what should be implemented into certain aspects of multiplayer. While Painkiller makes an effort to focus on multiplayer, has the development team ever thought of hiring an individual with these qualities?

<PCF-Adrian> Ok, as for the first question... FYI, our lead level designer, Andrew aka Virt won Polish 2x2 QW tournament and at the time was considered as one of the best in PL. I also tried my best and, well, won one FFA tournament ;P Anyway, we do have progamers on staff, and we keep in touch with the Polish QW/Q3 scene. We treat this stuff seriously.

<[dz]Nogame> Its painfully obvious that every major multi-player game title lacks certain competitive qualities when the finished product hits the shelves. Will the Painkiller Development Team be planning on doing any R&D as well as further development to support the growing competitive community`s needs of mods, maps or modified physics of Painkiller?

<Bglad[DC]> From the marketing side, I`ve been working very closely with folks in the competitive community, getting all sorts of feedback and wishlists and stuff. I think Adrian and his crew will put most of that stuff in the box... whatever`s missing will come later

<PCF-Adrian> MP in PK is not in the game just for the sake of it. We are fully devoted to improve it and develop as long as it takes. Some of you already know that we cooperate with Kombat Teams Pro people and their help was invaluable, we hope to extend this relationship in the future... And give the fans as many tools as possible, of course.

<PCF-Adrian> I`m sure there will be lots to do after the game is released, but what will be there "out of the box" should be a very good start for all you crazy fraggers out there.

<[dz]Nogame> Outside of multi-player support, has Painkiller broke any boundaries in bringing the competitive gaming community together in or out of the game? If so, how?

<Bglad[DC]> We haven`t broken any boundaries... yet. ;-) Although, there are a lot of people talking about stuff like that and it`s pretty flattering. It will certainly be nice to bring some 1on1 fragging back into style!

<RichmanRush> how is the netcode coming along since the beta test?

<PCF-Adrian> RichmanRush: we did some dramatic changes to the code, it`s in testing now and is MUCH faster than before.

<Kurt> Will there be any CD Checking system implemented in Painkiller?

<PCF-Adrian> Kurt: in short, yes. Plus you`ll need your serial # to play online.

<Rebel`class> Hey, Will this game have mods already included like Capture The Flag? Will there be a grapple? How fast of a pc do we need?

<PCF-Adrian> ok that`s 3 questions...

<PCF-Adrian> 1) some mods, yes, CTF, no. We`ll leave that either to fans or for later. We have other modes that we find more exciting <grin>

<PCF-Adrian> 2) Nothing like this is planned atm.

<PCF-Adrian> 3) depends for what.... sorry, but that question is a little vague... check for system reqs.

<z3on> What kind of netcode will be used?

<PCF-Adrian> Good kind ;P I`m not sure what you mean...

<Bglad[DC]> I think they want to know how solid it is, Ac

<Speth> Do you expect a lot of controversy around the game?

<PCF-Adrian> No, we don`t. At least nothing like that was planned. We do have some extreme gibbage etc., but i don`t think that`s really that controversial 10 years after Doom.

<Bglad[DC]> Speth: if we get any controversy, it`ll be just the typical stuff. Plus, "there`s no such thing as bad PR."

<^nC^iDeiTy> What kind of 3D software did you use to model the ingame models and such?

<PCF-Adrian> Mainly Maya. We did some stuff in 3D Max, but the game`s 95% Maya.

<Nikon> Adrian i whant to now how many polish acente are in the game like Polish Train i saw on some screens how many those thing are in mp and sp

<PCF-Adrian> We did include some fun stuff... It`s a horror shooter, but we couldn`t help it and you`ll find some references to movies etc. here and there. Some stuff is Polish, yes, but there`s not a lot of it. My favourite Polish accent are the texture names, but I won`t quote them here, I`m not sure if I don`t get +kb for that ;P

<shortround-> 1. Is bullet time going to be in the final release? I didn`t notice it in the singleplayer demo, but saw it in press release videos etc. and was curious about its inclusion.

<PCF-Adrian> "Bullet time" *is* in the demo... You just need to unlock the card for that (Black Tarot thingy). There will be much more BT (we call it Haste) fun in the full game.

<PCF-Adrian> BTW, Painkiller forums are a great way to find out more about the Haste and Black Tarot.

<[sp1te]`-_-`painkiller> How much will we be expecting to pay for pk?

<Bglad[DC]> USD$39.99 in North America. I`ve seen all sorts of different pricing in Europe, so shop around.

<shortround-> 2. I am a HUGE fan of your graphics engine and hope it hits hard and becomes popular for modding. What sort of support for modding will be included with painkiller? Are there plans for more? I`d love to see a beautiful looking realism mod on this engine :).

<NV_Keith> The graphics programmers and artists at People Can Fly are incredibly talented. While I rarely game on older video cards -), I was very surprised to see how fast the game is on a GF4MX

<PCF-Adrian> First thing that we`ll release will be MP map making toolkit. At first you`ll need Maya for that (to export maps) *BUT* you can make the map in any program you want (even Radiant), import to Maya (in generic .obj format for example) then export. We`ll probably do plugins for other 3D software as well. What else will be released is yet to be announced.

<Bglad[DC]> What`s been funny for me is how when we first started talking and we said "there won`t be a mod kit `cuz you need Maya skillz," people all said "Yeah, so?" I think we underestimated the modding community!

<shortround-> 3. Any particular sources of inspiration you could mention, besides the cliche family etc.?

<PCF-Adrian> Pop-culture is our inspiration. Everyone at PCF has different hobbies, one guy is Anime freak, one trains martial arts, one has 500 DVDs etc. From Tarantino to Silent Hill, everything inspires us.

<combat> How long has painkiller been in development and what would you say have been/were the hardest parts?

<PCF-Adrian> Overall we have spent nearly 3 years developing PK... The hardest thing was to make the game the way we imagined it. We always aim for the highest quality in literally everything, from gameplay to sounds, and this extreme approach meant MANY workhours. I can honestly say I have worked more on PK than I had on all my previous games (7) combined.

<PCF-Adrian> We managed to geather some insane talent at PCF and I hope it shows. Everyone worked very hard to make it done...

<shortround-> 7. What is the average/normal age for a dev on your team?

<PCF-Adrian> Youngest guy is 25 I believe... Oldest one will probably die soon, because he`s in late 30s... I think the average is 28.

<Bglad[DC]> HEY!

<Bglad[DC]> I`ll be 36 on Thursday!! No old guy cracks!

<Cronus> Will there be a multiplayer demo released before the final version ships?

<Bglad[DC]> Ahhhh... I was wondering when we`d see this question

<Bglad[DC]> here`s the thing... realizing how important MP is, we want to ensure that the MP demo is totally representative of the final game. No "Work In Progress" is allowed, IMO

<Bglad[DC]> So, we basically built the schedule so that Adrian`s team can finish the game, deliver the gold master then work on the MP demo.

<Bglad[DC]> It`s a "pain" I know... but I think you`ll all be happier in the end.

<Pirate> there is alot of controversay on the bunnyhopping in the single player demo, what will be changed if anything in multiplayer bunny hopping ?

<PCF-Adrian> Yes, we do realize b.h. should require "m@d skillz", not just pressing the Jump button like a drunken monkey. SP b.h. will stay as it is, simple version, MP b.h. will be more advanced. We`re working on that issue atm.

<NV_Keith> Adrian, can you put a cheat code in the MP for me? I`ve got drunken monkey skills

<PCF-Adrian> no n00bs allowed in MP! -)

<Bglad[DC]> drunken monkey... isn`t that a different game?

<Kurt> Will Painkiller work with one cdkey if played over a LAN like other games?

<PCF-Adrian> One client = one cdkey, we use normal regular solution here.

<PCF-Adrian> Server doesn`t need a key btw.

<Bglad[DC]> and there is dedicated server!

<PCF-Adrian> yes there is.

<Xt-PoP> I checked the game details, but i don`t see a co-op mode in there while this game would clearly shine with a friend or two. Why did you leave out Co-op?

<PCF-Adrian> Because the game was planned for one person only from the very beginning. It was designed that way. It`s a trade off, and we wanted to have, for example, insane physics going on - that would totally kill your network cable if you wanted to have it in coop. There`s a story we tell and this is a story of one man. It`s a design decision.

<cf-kail> What is there in pk in terms of spectators, such as first person views, recording demos, and mass spectating akin to hltv?

<PCF-Adrian> There`s demo recording, and free-roam ghost-like spec + view from the eyes of the pleyer. This system is in its basic version right now, we`ll develop it further in any direction it may require.

<X-Rat1d> How much will the speed of the Mutilplayer mode change as compared with the Single Player demo, and then finnaly compared wit the Quake Series of Games. Thanks.

<PCF-Adrian> We want to have a very fast MP, insanity, carnage, mayhem, ownage, you name it. Comparable to QuakeWorld, one of the fastest and most adrenaline rushing games ever. It`s hard to compare that to the Single Player part, both things are really different. generally everything in MP, incl. running speed etc., is faster than in SP.

<xTz|Batman> I was playing the singleplayer demo and i noticed that even if you hit an NPC in the foot, they still would die. Did you guys play this or is there going to be more in the full version?

<Bglad[DC]> depends what you hit him with, no?

<Bglad[DC]> ;-)

<PCF-Adrian> Because PK is action-oriented shooter, it doesn`t matter if you hurt the enemy in the head or in the foot. Again, a design decision, because it`s easy for us to detrmine at which body part the enemy was hit. But it doesn`t really matter in games like PK.

<NV_Keith> The impact location makes a difference with the stake gun.. visually anyway )

<rH-genkoba> Just curious to see what kind of benchmarks have been done with various graphics cards, my geforce4 mx 440 gets a little sluggish when more than 30 enemies are on the screen.

<NV_Keith> Time to upgrade! (what would you expect the NVIDIA guy to say!?) Seriously though, considering the quality of visuals in Painkiller, the performance is excellent on the GF4MX IMHO

<PCF-Adrian> I`m surprised the card didn`t go on fire with such amount of enemies.... -) Guys, progress has its cost, either we do 100 polys and the game runs ok on GF1, or we do dot3 bump mapping and levels that have 400.000 polygons and require something better... The game will run on anything GF2GTS+

<Bglad[DC]> I was amazed PCF got the MX renderer built, frankly. I really didn`t think there was any way we`d be able to support MX cards!

<PCF-Adrian> Cudos to the programmers, honestly I was surprised as well. They did an amazing job.

<druzer> What OS`es/Consoles do you plan do release Painkiller on?

<PCF-Adrian> All kinds of Win (95/98/ME/2000/XP) + Xbox.

<NV_Keith> The GF4 MX is $35 on pricewatch (less than the game will be) -)

<w4t|obiw4n_> in relation to weapons - how many can we expect to see in the final release of painkiller, will they all be available in multiplayer, and finally - will the combination shots that we`ve seen thus far in single player be useable in multiplayer?

<PCF-Adrian> 5 weapons, but here`s when the common misconception comes in... in reality these 5 weapons have 2 VERY different modules, effectively giving us 10 different weapons. We just did them 5x2 because it`s easier to select the weapon + it`s great opportunity for combos. And yes, some combos will work differently in MP than in SP.

<PCF-Adrian> We chose quality over quanitity, making 52 weapons is easy, making 10 *really* different ones is harder.

<[iveL]> Question: Will Painkiller focus on 1v1 Gameplay like Quake3 did? and are maps made to fit the 1v1 standards? is there good maps for 1v1 use? alot, not a few?

<PCF-Adrian> Yes, PK is not about fighting 32x32... It`s more oriented towards 1x1 or 4x4. Maps were also designed that way.

<Blaker> Hi, I was just wondering how many different tarot card powers we can expect in the full game? This is a very nice addition that will certainly boost the replay value of this already addicting game:)

<PCF-Adrian> 24 cards, one per level. We tried to make them worth the effort, so they grant you powers like Haste, ability to leech souls from distance, God Mode, etc.

<Bglad[DC]> and you`re right, Blaker. It really adds a layer of depth to the game, IMO

<Sanius> I wonder, will there be a linux version of painkiller? I could use wine for it, but it would be nice to have some linux client.

<PCF-Adrian> There will be no Linux client, sorry. But we hope to have Linux server of course.

<LegendaryJG> Why do bodies disappear so fast and will there be an option to prevent this?

<PCF-Adrian> HAHAHA! Thanks for that question... It`s the best example you just can`t please everyone - because some people were asking us to remove the bodies ...quicker! The bodies disappear after3-5 secs to leave the soul that regenerates you a little - and also after every 66th sould you morph into demon yourself... Anyway, we`ll probably add a cheat that`ll allow the bodies to stay much longer and burn your processor )

<NV_Keith> Sweet

<MjrMayhem> Hi. I was wondering what other special effects will be in PainKiller similar to the baskets of fireworks? That was a surprise when I first set one off, but it was a total blast setting those off after all the enemy`s were gone =)

<PCF-Adrian> I find gas cylinders fun, and of course there are lots of other objects with real-physics interactions, but I don`t want to spoil the fun.

<PCF-Adrian> real=real-time of course

<Sigismond> Why do we see such a contrast between the first level of the demo, which is very immersive, and the second that looks like serious sam ?

<NV_Keith> Serious Sam does not have the market cornered on huge outdoor environments -) ... I think.

<PCF-Adrian> Because the game is a mix of two. There are levels like Asylum that are very dark, immersive and downwards creepy, but we have also included levels like Military Base for some good old school fun.

<Bglad[DC]> One of the design directions was to provide different environments and challenges from one level to the next, so you don`t get bored.

<Xenfernox> I am wondering if PainKiller is designed to run better on Nvidia cards and not on ATI`s since you sponser Nvidia.

<NV_Keith> THe relationship with NVIDIA is promotion-focused. We also work with Adrian`s team on performance optimizations and potential shader/graphics improvements.

<NV_Keith> NVIDIA`s involvement is 100% about helping the game... on all cards

<PCF-Adrian> Keith: this is a good opportinity to thank nVidia in public... The help we get from your programmers is invaluable.

<Bglad[DC]> Painkiller will run on any card that supports the shaders etc. we need. The NVIDIA partnership has been great -- they provided some key engineering support, and great marketing support.

<NV_Keith> Our marketing program is about ensuring optimium perf and compatibility on NVIDIA hardware.. so that gamers won`t have to deal with bad drivers, compat issues, etc.

<NV_Keith> So on the NVIDIA side, we`ve been improving our drivers for optimum play with Painkiller too

<shamefull> What type of physics engine is at work for Painkiller? Most, if not all new FPS`s on the market are boasting a robust physics engine. What, if anything, would put Painkiller on the top of the list as far as physics are concerned? Was the physics engine integral to design?

<PCF-Adrian> After you play games like PK (with lots of interative objects) there`s no going back. Physics is the next big thing in gaming.

<[blam]xDaemon> While the end boss in the demo is challenging, will there be more options to deal with such overwhelming enemies?

<Bglad[DC]> yeah... more bullets.

<Bglad[DC]> Lots more bullets.

<Bglad[DC]> And rockets too

<PCF-Adrian> The thing is that we did all the bosses the way that requires you to do more than pure shooting... Aiming at the boss and firing tons of rockets doesn`t solve the problem.

<PCF-Adrian> "Violence is not the solution", hehehehe...

<w000t> Will Painkiller be released in Australia on April 12...because previous FPS like GORE or IRONSTORM had such bad distribution in this country it took months before we found a few little of copies of the game....and will there be local aussie servers for the game?

<Bglad[DC]> we`re locking up distribution in as many markets worldwide as possible. With Painkiller, we want to try and do (as best as possible) a worldwide launch. As for servers, it`ll really be up to the territorial distributor to secure those. I can tell you that in North America, we`re working with NetFire/GameDaemons to provide plenty of servers on Day 1.

<Bglad[DC]> In Europe, I think we`ll be going with Jolt to have servers across the continent.

<Kurt> Will Painkiller be release simlutaneously on the xbox and the PC?

<PCF-Adrian> No, PC first, then Xbox. It`s worth noting Xbox version will be a little different, it`s not direct port, some surprises await... But the details will be announced much later...

<PCF-Adrian> Right now our focus is 100% PC.

<Mortuary> With rl splash damage etc... will you be able to shoot at an opponents feet, and be able to get them to go into the air?

<Bglad[DC]> heh heh... that`s some of the most fun in MP!

<PCF-Adrian> Yes. That`s the whole point of having real-time physics.

<Abomination5> Will the multiplayer community be supported by the Painkiller team? ex: new offical maps from you guys for us guys.

<PCF-Adrian> I hope that a simple "yes" is ok... So... HELL YES!

<Bglad[DC]> I`m surprised to see that question coming from you, Abomination5. You`re a forum guy... you should know that we`re supporting this game 100% ;-)

<Madness> What inspired you to use wooden stakes as a weapon? It has to be one of the best weapon ideas of all time!

<PCF-Adrian> It`s a good thing you haven`t heard the words our programmers were using when we told them it`d be cool to have a weapon like StakeGun in the game... ;-) It took some time, but they did it and it`s the weapon we`re very proud of. Inspiration? Lots of night sessions, talking about the coolest ways to kill a zombie...

<davi> What thought was put into the decision of leaving out the crouch command?

<PCF-Adrian> Good question. I always believe that "deep" gameplay can be achieved with without the necessity of having to use excessive amount of keys... Quakeworld, again, is the best example here. To us the crouch doesn`t add enough depth to the gameplay to justify one more key.

<Bglad[DC]> it also slows things down!

<PCF-Adrian> I remember a story about the PC game that used about 20 keys. Then the developer had to do console version, and as you know the pad doesn`t have 20 keys...

<PCF-Adrian> they needed to redesign the game for the console AND this version turned out to be MUCH better than PC`s version.

<PCF-Adrian> We believe is such approach, that`s why we have no Crouch, or Prone, or Sniping Rifle, etc. etc.

<PCF-Adrian> And yes, crouching is mostly used to hide, and that`s not the direction we chose for PK MP.


<PCF-Adrian> Unless in woods.

<PCF-Adrian> Thanks everyone, I know there are many questions left unaswered, but it's 5.30 am here and we 
have 3 weeks till Gold Master... ;)

<PCF-Adrian> Visit the game's forums and you'll probably find some answers there as well, it's a great place to get 
to know PK better.

<PCF-Adrian> Meanwhile, I am signing off, thanks again and I hope you'll enjoy the game!

<VD-WHiZ|WoRKiN> Many of the remaining questions we will have in the que will be answered later by the folks 
at PCF and Dreamcatcher and posted on our site...

<NV_Keith> If you haven't tried the single player demo yet, it's available on no 
queues, registrations, etc.

<Bglad[DC]> I also want to thank you all for coming, and Adrian for his VALUABLE time. Come by the forum at we've got a great bunch of guys there and we're always answering your questions!

<Bglad[DC]> I'm gonna stick around for a bit still

<Bglad[DC]> I'm on EST, so it's not too late for me

* PCF-Adrian disappears like a ninja (that he always wanted to be)

<VD-WHiZ|WoRKiN> we'll be getting to the prizes in a couple minutes

<Bglad[DC]> thanks also to NVIDIA and the ETG guys for planning this!

<NV_Keith> W00t

<VD-WHiZ> ok guys... the video card is going to be won by a small trivia contest about the game... so i hope you know something about it... ;p

<VD-WHiZ> you will get hints to the answers

<VD-WHiZ> person with the highest score at the end wins

<VD-WHiZ> the card

<Bglad[DC]> can I win?

<VD-WHiZ> haha

<VD-WHiZ> wish i could =p i'm still on a lowely gf2

<VD-WHiZ> good luck all

---- Trivia Main Round ----

<Bglad[DC]> Ok! ONE MORE TIME!
<NV_Keith> lol
<kismet> geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
<Bglad[DC]> LOL!!!
<kismet> less spam? :)
<VD-WHiZ> hang on
<VD-WHiZ> if nobody got more then 1 right those who dif get correct answers will go into a playoff by themselves to determine the winner
<VD-WHiZ> we are tallying now
<VD-WHiZ> just a reminder we will be having the full q/a answerd posted on our site in th enext 15 minutes... and we will also be posting the answers to many of the other questions you sent to the que in the near future as well on our site. 
<VD-WHiZ> we'd like to thank everyone for coming and participating....
<NV_Carrie> Yes, thanks everyone (from NVIDIA!!)
<VD-WHiZ> for the video card
<VD-WHiZ> we have a 3 way tie so we are going to do a playoff
<shortround-> yay :)
<Kurt> woo
<Kurt> :)
<Kurt> hi mom!
<shortround-> hahaha
<shortround-> look, no hands
<[DoR]Cannibal> sweet
<shortround-> gl to all of you
<Kurt> i thought it was 3 way?
<Kurt> :)
<[DoR]Cannibal> it is isn't it ?
<shortround-> yeh
<VD-WHiZ> congrats to Kurt, Shortround and Cannibal .. each tied with 4 correct answers
* Kurt blinks
<Kurt> misread
<shortround-> gl dor, gl kurt.
<Kurt> good luck to you guys too
<shortround-> thx whiz
<[DoR]Cannibal> you 2
<kismet> shortround-: btw, good questions
<kismet> lot of them, but still good :)
<shortround-> haha, thankyou.
<shortround-> doing it for website, i wont state it in case you dont like advertising.
<VD-WHiZ> good luck to you three... you are playing for one heck of a good video card
<shortround-> thankyou whiz
<[DoR]Cannibal> thanks a lot :)
* Kurt wiggles in his seat
* shortround- is tense.
<shortround-> is this sudden death or ?
<Kurt> it's a fight to the death :)
<[DoR]Cannibal> weapons ?
<shortround-> arrr!!
<[DoR]Cannibal> lol
<shortround-> pistols at dawn
* Kurt plays dead
* shortround- sips his whiskey
<shortround-> lets do this
<Kurt> *turns up the music*
* Bglad[DC] watches intently
* shortround- is shaking.
<[DoR]Cannibal> god i love this staff
<Kurt> haha
<shortround-> lol
<shortround-> nice to have a staff that acts like kids :)
<[DoR]Cannibal> lol
<kismet> lol
<kismet> gee :p
<shortround-> hahah
<[DoR]Cannibal> kids at heart :0
<shortround-> thats the way to be
<VD-WHiZ> The great guys at DreamCatcher games have just ponied up 2 more Painkiller t-shirts so that nobody goes home a loser... the 2 who don't get the card will get a cool Painkiller t-shirt !
<shortround-> rock!
<Bglad[DC]> and posters!
<Kurt> yay!
<shortround-> lol
<[DoR]Cannibal> sweet
<shortround-> sweet
<Kurt> posters!
<[DoR]Cannibal> yay :)
<VD-WHiZ> you guys ready?
<[DoR]Cannibal> yup
<shortround-> not really, but go ahead anywyas.
<Kurt> haha
<Kurt> i guess so :/
<VD-WHiZ> gl to all
<Kurt> i hope you guys type slow
<Kurt> :P
<shortround-> lol
<[DoR]Cannibal> lol
<[DoR]Cannibal> 73
<shortround-> typo monsters upon you.
<[K]EtoS> first off, gl
<Kurt> 100 some :P
<[K]EtoS> may the best one win
<shortround-> ty
<Bglad[DC]> ok
<[DoR]Cannibal> ty
<[K]EtoS> !trivia 19
<Bglad[DC]> 50 more questions!
<kismet> good luck guys :)

---- Trivia Playoffs ----

<[DoR]Cannibal> lol
<shortround-> yay
<Kurt> goodjob
<Kurt> short
<shortround-> thankyou
<[DoR]Cannibal> nice job
<[K]EtoS> one sec
* Kurt pat pat :)
<VD-WHiZ> gg guys.. we r tallying now
<shortround-> thanks
<[DoR]Cannibal> was fun and my hearts beating
<shortround-> gg guys
<shortround-> it was fun
<[DoR]Cannibal> yes very good
<shortround-> now
<Kurt> now we get the suprise that they have 3 video cards :P
<[K]EtoS> good job all of you
<shortround-> lol
<shortround-> that'd be nice
<VD-WHiZ> ok guys
<VD-WHiZ> ---------------Results---------------
<VD-WHiZ> ShortRound- | (8) Correct Answers |
<VD-WHiZ> Kurt | (4) Correct Answers |
<VD-WHiZ> [DoR]Cannibal | (6) Correct Answers |
<[DoR]Cannibal> close game
* kismet applauds shortround-
<VD-WHiZ> ---- (1) Unanswered Questions ------
<shortround-> thankyou
<VD-WHiZ> good job short
<[DoR]Cannibal> congrats
<Kurt> yes yes.
<NV_Carrie> Congrats!
<shortround-> so excited
<VD-WHiZ> btw.. tnx to liquid snake
<kismet> gg guys
<Bglad[DC]> gg
<[DoR]Cannibal> shirts are always welcome
<[DoR]Cannibal> :)
<Kurt> yes.
<Bglad[DC]> especially a Painkiller one
<VD-WHiZ> cheaper and much cooler then k-mart specials eh?
<Bglad[DC]> but you'll have two now, 'cuz you're gonna pre-order, right?
<NV_Keith> Congrats
<VD-WHiZ> hah
<[DoR]Cannibal> yup sure are :)
<VD-WHiZ> preorder some copies for your friends and u can have a painkiller tshirt for every day of the week
<VD-WHiZ> i'm gonna -m everyone.. plz don't spam.. again tnx for coming.. congrats to all the winners.. and to shortround for winning the vid card!
<VD-WHiZ> if you want a painkiller tshirt yourself all you need to do is pre-order the game and u'll get one free

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